General Questions

Is PhotoDrive associated with Flickr/Yahoo?

1TB for free? How do you make money?

What are the limitations of the PhotoDrive service?

Are my photos private on PhotoDrive?

Is PhotoDrive a secure place for my photos? What if you get hacked, or go out of business?

I'm an existing Flickr user who has a curated public collection already there. Is PhotoDrive for me?

iPhone/iPad App Questions

Does the PhotoDrive app work offline?

I have a lot of photos! How much space will PhotoDrive use on my phone?

When is it safe to delete photos from my phone?

Does PhotoDrive upload in the background?

What kind of photos & videos are supported?

I have a lot of photos to upload... and it's taking forever. What do you recommend?

Mac App Questions

How does my PhotoDrive folder work?

Can I edit my PhotoDrive's organization from my Mac?

Are RAW images supported?

How does PhotoDrive detect duplicates?

Will PhotoDrive move my photos? Do I have to move them to a specific folder on my hard-drive?

How much space will PhotoDrive use on my computer?

I uploaded some photos from my phone, but I don't see them in my PhotoDrive. What gives?