Two years and two pivots later, it turns out I was on to something! I’m excited to announce I’m joining Yahoo! I’ll be working on Flickr, and I could not be more excited to contribute my ideas and vision to the product and team.

To the 200,000+ who downloaded Photoful and PhotoSocial, and who test-drove PhotoDrive, thank you for the learning that helped me get here. As of today, I will be sunsetting the apps to focus on their integration into Flickr.

Managing a life’s worth of photos is a big task, and I’m thrilled to be tackling this with the talent and scale of of Yahoo. If you liked my products, I think you’ll love what’s up next. Keep your eye out for more awesome, and click here for a blog post from Bernardo Hernandez, VP Product Management, Flickr.

All the best,
Jeff Bargmann
Founder, Developer
Infinite camera roll & cloud sync
powered by Flickr's 1TB of free, private storage

All your photos in one place,
accessible anywhere.

Search by name, date, location, or category

Find every photo you’ve ever taken... at a favorite restaurant, at a friend's house, at that vacation spot last year. Or by category, “photos of my dog, my haircut, my project”. Jump instantly through time, space, by event or category.

Organize quickly with gestures & swipes

Delete photos by tossing them off the screen. Swipe to select, tag and reorganize, or tap any day to give it a name. Based off our NYTimes and Today Show featured photo gallery Photoful, PhotoDrive organizes you automatically, then gives you the power to do more.

Your changes sync instantly other devices, your Mac's PhotoDrive folder, and to the web on Flickr.

Import effortlessly from Mac & devices,
with direct access to your original files

Import your entire collection; simple and automatic

50,000 photos? No problem! Your photos upload in original condition from folders, iPhoto, memory cards and cameras, preserving your folder-based and iPhoto organization. Our de-duplication won’t upload the same photo twice.

File system integration with synced PhotoDrive folder

Direct access to your Flickr collection, organized automatically for you by date, event and tags. Full-size photos only download when you access them, so PhotoDrive won't fill up your computer.

Never run out of space again

64GB iPhone? Who needs need it.
With PhotoDrive, your photos no longer fill up your phone.

PhotoDrive stores only thumbnails on your device, keeping the rest in the cloud, and loading full copies only when needed. Thanks to this, your photos won't fill up your phone yet they'll still be right on hand.

A key piece to your complete photo solution

Never store your photos in just one place. But now, PhotoDrive can be your #1

Unlike iCloud, Dropbox or other expensive solutions, PhotoDrive empowers you to preserve, organize and enjoy your entire photo collection at absolutely no cost. Thanks to the trustworthy storage provided by Yahoo’s Flickr service, your collection won't one day disappear. In fact, this might just be the only solution you’ll ever actually need. You've got nothing to lose - so give us a try today, and enjoy a photostream that never ends.

Like a 1TB Dropbox - for free
powered by
Stores photos in original condition
Synced folder on your Mac
Mobile gallery with powerful organization
Importing with de-duplication
Video support *up to 3min each
RAW file support
Free storage & sync
(~1,000 photos)
(~500,000 photos)
Price per year after 2GB limit is hit
$99 - $499